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OSN - Rezoluce 664 - Irák-Kuvajt

    RESOLUTION 664 (1990)

    Adopted by the Security Council at its 2937th meeting on
    18 August 1990

    The Security Council,

    Recalling the Iraqi invasion and purported annexation of Kuwait and
    resolutions 660, 661 and 662,

    Deeply concerned for the safety and well being of third state nationals
    in Iraq and Kuwait,

    Recalling the obligations of Iraq in this regard under international law,

    Welcoming the efforts of the Secretary-General to pursue urgent
    consultations with the Government of Iraq following the concern and anxiety
    expressed by the members of the Council on 17 August, 1990,

    Acting under Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter:

    1. Demands that Iraq permit and facilitate the immediate departure from
    Kuwait and Iraq of the nationals of third countries and grant immediate and
    continuing access of consular officials to such nationals;

    2. Further demands that Iraq take no action to jeopardize the safety,
    security or health of such nationals;

    3. Reaffirms its decision in resolution 662 (1990) that annexation of
    Kuwait by Iraq is null and void, and therefore demands that the Government o
    Iraq rescind its orders for the closure of diplomatic and consular missions
    Kuwait and the withdrawal of the immunity of their personnel, and refrain fr
    any such actions in the future;

    4. Requests the Secretary-General to report to the Council on
    compliance with this resolution at the earliest possible time.
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